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Ingenuiti is an industry-leading translation and multimedia services provider. Our services translate into better training and communication for corporations and NGOs. We specialize in providing custom eLearning development, translation, content conversion, gamification, graphic design, and video animation.

Global Life Sciencts Software Localization

Global Life Sciences Regulatory Environment

The life sciences industry Life sciences (medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotech) have some of the most stringent regulatory landscapes in the global economy. In fact, as of the publication of this article, “[t]here have been more than 2,000 regulations introduced by the FDA alone since 1998 — a compound that by the 150 regulatory bodies at …

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Ingenuiti, LLC awareded top 20 watchlist for custom content devleopment

Training Industry Names Ingenuiti to 2022 Watch List

May 12, 2022 Increased diversification of custom solutions coupled with industry-recognized thought leadership in learning strategy propels Ingenuiti to their 3rd Watch List Award. Ingenuiti, a leading custom learning, and translation services company announced that it has been named by Training Industry, Inc. to the 2022 Watch List for Custom Content Development.  Training Industry, the …

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Human vs. Machine Translation

Communication Matters  Communication is central to how we live and work. Without effective communication, things can fall apart pretty quickly. And when it comes to your business, miscommunication can prove quite costly. Whether you need to share documentation with your in-house teams or marketing material with your customers, how well, how quickly, and how seamlessly …

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Professional Staffing Solutions

Why Work With a Professional Staffing Solutions Company?

eLearning Staffing Challenges in an Ever-evolving Recruitment Landscape “Fifty-five percent… of owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill.” — NFIB¹ Looking for high-level candidates with the relevant experience and expertise with today’s eLearning strategies, tools, and techniques? Then you are not alone. From life sciences and healthcare …

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Glossaries and Termbase for Life Sciences Industry

Terminology Management for Life Sciences

Glossaries and Termbases for Medical Device Companies As social, political, and economic ideologies shift and evolve throughout the world, so too do terms, acronyms, and phrases within businesses and across industries. And, as the world continues to globalize, these terms, acronyms, and phrases must now be accurately translated into multiple languages to ensure effective communication …

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Software UI Localization For the Life Sciences Industry

Software Localization for the Life Sciences Industry

Software Localization Impacts The User Experience Life sciences software localization requires much more than simply checking off a list of requirements in a regulatory box. As the title suggests, this specialized type of localization ensures that your device’s user interface is accurately localized for each intended market. The success of your medical device is intricately …

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In-Virto Device Regulation

Ready or Not – Here comes IVDR

The European Union’s new regulation for in-vitro medical devices, 2017/746 (IVDR), takes effect in May 2022. While IVDR aims to increase patient safety and company transparency, it also creates heightened challenges for the entire supply chain (especially for in-vitro diagnostic companies and their medical safety program managers). In its most recent report, the European Commission …

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Should Acronyms be Translated?

Should Acronyms be Translated?

The Challenges with Acronyms in the Field of Translation “Acronyms, initialisms or simply abbreviations may seem insignificant in the field of lexicography, yetthey are a problem for translators, and could easily derail a smooth translation or interpretation.” — Dept. of Foreign Languages Lagos State University If you ask professional translators whether or not acronyms should …

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Ingenuiti LLC Announces Major Brand Update and New Website

Ingenuiti, LLC Announces Major Brand Update, and New Website

Virginia Beach, VA, United States: December 8, 2021 – Ingenuiti, a leading translation and learning solutions company, announced today the launch of an exciting new rebrand initiative to align its subsidiary OmniLingua under one unified brand. Ingenuiti, and its wholly-owned subsidiary OmniLingua, will align and operate as Ingenuiti moving forward. Additionally, as part of the …

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