• Job Aids and Infographics

​​Visualizing Success: Transform Learning with Job Aids and Infographics

Use Case

What Is It?
  • Single page visualization
  • Minimal text
  • Bullet points with images
Why Use It?
  • Simple
  • Break complex information into easy-to-understand visual components
  • Powerful for steps in a process or series of tasks in systems training
  • Just-in-time learning – located where the learning is applied
When to Use It?
  • Pre-learning – show the path of what is to be learned and build anticipation for learning
  • Learning experience – can be interactive and walk a learner through job aids
  • Post-learning reinforcement – summary in email or posted near work site

CASE STUDY: Infographics Enhanced; A Manufacturing Giant’s Innovative Approach to Learning and Compliance

In industrial locations across the globe, a manufacturing powerhouse faced an imposing challenge. Their mission-critical process, the very core of their production line, required precise execution by thousands of workers. But how could they ensure that this complex procedure would be learned, remembered, and consistently applied?
  • 1 A Learning Challenge Unveiled
    The company’s employees, spread across various international locations, needed to perform specific steps daily in a precise sequence. The complexity was compounded by the well-known Forgetting Curve, which showed that people tend to forget what they've learned rapidly after learning it. Traditional elearning modules were not enough. A new approach that could transcend cultural barriers and resonate with the employees was necessary.
  • 2 Ingenuiti’s Creative Solution
    The leadership came up with an innovative idea to use infographics. Before the formal training began, infographic posters outlining the process were placed throughout the plants. These colorful and diverse designs provided a visual story of the process, making the steps engaging and easy to understand.

    Once training was complete, employees were empowered to vote on their favorite infographic design, giving them ownership of the learning process. The winning design was then prominently displayed where the process was performed, acting as a constant reminder and guide.
  • 3 Transformative Results and Lasting Impact
    The effect of this innovative strategy was transformative. Employee engagement in the learning process skyrocketed, and the infographic became more than just a visual aid; it was a symbol of their shared mission to achieve efficiency and safety.

    Compliance to the process increased remarkably, leading to improvements in production and reductions in scrap rates and personal injuries. The infographics, tailored to the diverse workforce, managed to bridge cultural differences, making the learning process relevant and effective across the international locations.

    The company's approach did more than just simplify a complex learning challenge; it revolutionized the way employees engaged with critical information. Through the strategic use of visuals and an emphasis on participation, they were able to foster a sense of ownership and connection among the workers.

    Ultimately, the solution implemented by the manufacturing giant became a blueprint for how creativity, engagement, and visual learning can come together to drive efficiency and safety in the industrial landscape. It stood as a testament to the power of innovative thinking in enhancing both learning and performance

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Ingenuiti’s instructional designers are focused on meeting business objectives. Our creative team is global and highly skilled. Our project managers have decades of experience. We have created thousands of learning experiences for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Ingenuiti has a 40-year track record translating and localizing a wide range of material for international audiences. We have 3,000+ linguists and can translate into 120+ languages.

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