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Captivate & Educate: Transform Your Training Initiatives with Ingenuiti’s Video Solutions

Use Case

What Is It?
  • More than traditional video shot with cameras – animations are included
  • Can be B-roll or a custom shoot
Why Use It?
  • Good fit to make learning personal – identify with a person
  • Vision is one of our most powerful senses
When to Use It?
  • Good for demonstration of process or ideal state
  • Fit for just-in-time
  • Can be used pre-learning to get attention and build anticipation
  • Can be used for post-learning as a reinforcement
  • Can reinforce branding
  • Good fit for how-to learning
  • Good for story-telling, interviews, case studies, success stories

CASE STUDY: Unleashing the Power of Negotiation: Video Training for Senior Salespeople

  • 1 Making the Deal: A Complex Challenge
    The art of negotiation is nuanced, intricate, and vital to success in the competitive world of sales. A client with a keen focus on enhancing their senior salespeople's negotiation capabilities identified the need to master 15 competitive negotiation techniques, categorized into 3 different styles. This wasn't mere instruction; it was a transformational process aimed at empowering salespersons to not only apply these techniques but also to recognize and counteract them. The requirement for parallel construction as both Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and eLearning added complexity to the task.
  • 2 Ingenuiti's Ingenious Solution
    To meet this multifaceted challenge, Ingenuiti embarked on a deep analytical phase to grasp the essence of what was required. This understanding blossomed into a design document tailored to the client's unique needs.

    The solution was not just about explaining techniques; it was about bringing them to life. Ingenuiti scripted live-action video scenes that depicted the 15 techniques in vivid detail, exploring the subtleties of dialogue, tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. Partnering with a professional acting studio, they auditioned and cast a married couple as the negotiating parties.

    These actors, with their real-life chemistry, convincingly demonstrated even the most adversarial techniques. The ILT was enriched with these immersive scenes, and the video was also segmented into 15 individual vignettes for integration into the eLearning version.
  • 3 Mastering Negotiation: Transformative Results
    The outcome was nothing short of a revelation for the senior salespeople. Through the vividly enacted scenarios, they not only learned but internalized the 15 techniques, grasping the subtleties and complexities inherent in competitive negotiation.

    Mastery over these techniques wasn't just an academic achievement; it translated into real-world success. The enhanced negotiation capabilities directly contributed to increased profitability for the company.

    Ingenuiti's unique approach of combining live-action videos with traditional learning methodologies turned a complex subject into an engaging, effective, and memorable learning experience. The use of professional actors, the seamless integration of ILT and eLearning, and the careful crafting of realistic scenarios redefined what effective sales training could look like.

    This was not merely a course; it was a milestone in the client's journey towards negotiation excellence, setting a new standard in sales training and reflecting a deep understanding of the complex human dynamics at the heart of every negotiation. It was a testament to Ingenuiti's commitment to innovation, creativity, and most of all, impactful learning.

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Ingenuiti’s instructional designers are focused on meeting business objectives. Our creative team is global and highly skilled. Our project managers have decades of experience. We have created thousands of learning experiences for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Ingenuiti has a 40-year track record translating and localizing a wide range of material for international audiences. We have 3,000+ linguists and can translate into 120+ languages.

Staff Augmentation Expertise

Ingenuiti has a pool of experts in learning, technology, graphic design and project management. We created this space for learning development 30 years ago and work with some of the most complex companies in the world.

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Ingenuiti maintains ISO certification in three areas providing peace of mind that your learning project will be delivered on-time, on-quality, and on-budget.

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