Key Insights for Measurably Better Learning for HR and L&D Professionals

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Curriculum Mapping

Navigating Learning Landscapes: The Power of Curriculum Mapping Pt.1

(MIRIAM) While I enjoy a good philosophical conversation about learning, in my heart I’m a practitioner. I’ve always been interested …

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Gamfication in Learning

Where Does Gamification Play in Corporate Learning?

Jerry Zandstra (JZ): I’m looking forward to this conversation. I’ve been studying games and their applications in learning for several …

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Training for a Global Workforce

What Are the Biggest Challenges of Learning for a Global Workforce? Pt. 2

This article is the second in a two-part series. Our first interview laid out the challenges of building learning experiences …

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What are the Biggest Training Challenges for a Global Workforce?

This article is the first in a two-part series. This interview lays out the challenges of building learning experiences for …

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The incredible power of storytelling in learning

The Incredible Power of Storytelling in Learning

Today Jerry Zandstra Senior Director of Learning, sits down with Miriam Taylor Customer Success Manager at Ingenuiti, to discuss the …

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Technical Recruiter

How to Find the Right Technical Recruiter for Your Learning Projects

What is Technical Recruiting? Technical recruiting is a specialized field within the larger realm of recruitment that focuses specifically on …

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LearningStaffing Solutions
Corporate Learning Gaps

Does Your Company’s Learning Have Gaps? Why They Matter and How to Fill Them

Today Jerry Zandstra Senior Director of Learning, sits down with Miriam Taylor Customer Success Manager at Ingenuiti, to discuss potential …

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Article # AR and VR in Corporate training

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: How to Know When They Are the Right Choice for Your Learning Projects?

This week Jerry Zandstra, sits down with Nick Day, VP of Sales and Marketing at Roundtable Learning. This discussion covers …

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Custom LearningeLearningLearning Design
Exploring the Frontiers of Learning: AI's Impact and Promise

The Next Frontier: AI’s Role in Transforming Learning and Development

In a discussion led by Jerry Zandstra, learning and development (L&D) professionals Chris Casement (CC) and Johnny Hamilton (JH) discuss …

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