Custom Learning Solutions

Imagine a scenario where your training material actually resonates with every employee, regardless of their location. 

That’s the reality Ingenuiti creates for learning leaders. A clear assessment of the challenge, full custom learning development, tailoring of the content for global audiences, and localization for regions and countries.

We specialize in creating educational experiences that resonate across global teams, utilizing the latest strategies and technologies in learning and development.

Training material that truly resonates with every employee, in every corner of the world.​

Moving the Needle on Performance

Our endgame is building a quality product and providing an excellent experience. Ensuring our solution makes an impact on your business. As we help you implement your strategic imperatives, we maintain a relentless focus on results. We have helped our clients achieve:

1 x

Seat time compressions
of up to 4:1

30 %

Training related cost reductions by up to 50% and greater

1 %

Speed to competence
increases by over 33%

Custom Learning Services

Unlock the full potential of your learning content with our comprehensive development services. We specialize in custom eLearning, providing engaging, interactive online courses that cater to your team’s diverse learning styles. Our microLearning solutions deliver bite-sized, focused lessons that are perfect for busy professionals seeking quick knowledge boosts. Enhance your training programs with our expert Video Design services, creating visually compelling and instructional videos that captivate and inform your audience. Partner with us to transform your educational initiatives into impactful, effective learning experiences.

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Our experienced team is here to listen to your challenges, provide solutions to overcome your business obstacles, and help you achieve your goals.

We are passionate about supporting companies in their training and global communication efforts. Reach out today for a free consultation and we can determine if we are a good fit for your next project!

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