• 3D Interactive Animations

Engage, Explore, Excel: Discover a New Dimension of Learning with 3D Interactive Animations

Use Case

What Is It?
  • All the benefits of 3D (length, width, and depth) plus the ability to manipulate objects
  • Interaction with objects that allows you to see what you want to see
  • Allows you to spin, zoom in and out
  • One version of XR (along with AR, VR, and MR)
Why Use It?
  • Engaging
  • High interactivity – from passive observer to active participant
  • Suitable for complicated subjects and products
When to Use It?
  • Excellent for design work for product development
  • When learner needs to know how something functions
  • Healthcare, education, engineering, architecture, design

CASE STUDY: A Global Hospitality Group and a Reimagined Approach to Training for Housekeeping

  • 1 PROBLEM: Challenges in Hotel Cleaning Training
    For any global hospitality group, cleanliness is paramount to success, impacting brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and repeat business. In the high-turnover, dynamic environment of hotel cleaning:

      Consistent Training: With high turnover employees and contractors, the challenge is to ensure all housekeeping staff understand the expectations and requirements swiftly and effectively.

      Immersive Training Needs: Conventional training methods may not be enough. A more immersive "show me" style of training can enhance comprehension and accelerate the learning curve.

      Accessibility Issues: Contractors and some hourly employees may not have access to the corporate Learning Management System (LMS), further complicating the training process.
  • 2 SOLUTION: Modern, Accessible, and Immersive Training Approach
    Addressing these challenges, a comprehensive and innovative solution was devised:

      Immersive Scenario Training:
      Building scenarios and employing "show me" style training methods ensure a more engaging and efficient learning experience. This innovative approach bridges the gap between theory and practice, ensuring rapid competency development.

      Video-Based Learning:
      Utilizing actual footage of work being done provides a realistic and tangible reference point. Video-based learning serves as both an engaging teaching tool and a valuable refresher for the housekeeping staff.

      Augmented Reality (AR) Integration:
      More advanced and immersive augmented reality techniques are used for knowledge checks. This technology-driven approach allows learners to review and reference critical steps in a more engaging way.

      Responsive Platform with QR Code Accessibility:
      The content is hosted on a fully responsive platform, allowing access across various devices. By linking it with a QR code placed on the housekeeping cart, the training becomes easily accessible and available just-in-time. This on-the-spot accessibility enables continuous learning and immediate reference in the actual work environment.
  • 3 CONCLUSION: Transforming Training for Enhanced Quality and Efficiency
    This comprehensive solution reflects a profound understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of hotel cleaning training. By integrating modern technology, such as video and augmented reality, with innovative training methodologies, the hospitality group ensures that training is not only effective but also engaging.

    The QR code accessibility underscores a thoughtful approach to making training available right where and when it's needed, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

    In the highly competitive hospitality industry, where cleanliness and customer satisfaction are tightly linked, this forward-thinking approach to training sets a standard for excellence. It represents a model that other industries might well consider, where rapid onboarding, consistent quality, and on-the-job reference are key to success.

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