• Motion Graphics

Animating Ideas, Captivating Learners: Discover the Power of Motion Graphics with Ingenuiti

Use Case

What Is It?
  • Applies graphic design principles to video through animation and visual effect
  • Combines images, words, graphics, narration, sound effects, music and video
Why Use It?
  • Create a deeper experience
  • Bring graphic design to life – from still to motion
  • Capture the attention of learners
  • Show a learner rather than merely telling them
When to Use It?
  • When you need to explain a video
  • When you need added width and depth

CASE STUDY: Streamlining Construction Permits: Harnessing Motion Graphics for Efficiency

  • 1 The Permit Bottleneck: A Digital Dilemma
    The challenges faced by a state agency in providing construction permits extended beyond mere bureaucracy. Their online Notice of Intent system, a digital solution for obtaining the necessary permits for construction sites, industrial facilities, and more, was proving to be a barrier rather than a gateway. Users were finding it difficult to navigate, leading to an influx of support calls and draining valuable time and efficiency from the agency's staff. A solution was needed that would untangle this digital web and make the process of applying for permits smooth and user-friendly.
  • 2 Ingenuiti's Innovative Solution: Motion Graphics to the Rescue
    Rather than a complete overhaul of the system, Ingenuiti approached the problem with a focus on user education. They created an interactive PDF, providing clear instructions, and went a step further by crafting four instructional videos enriched with motion graphics.

    These motion graphics weren't just for visual appeal; they were designed to walk users through the specific steps required to apply for the permits they needed. This approach combined the best of visual storytelling with practical, step-by-step guidance, making the process intuitive and engaging.
  • 3 A Permit Revolution: Success through Simplicity
    The results were immediate and profound. Companies and individuals seeking permits found themselves empowered to complete the application process on their own, drastically reducing the need for agency support.

    This wasn't just a win for efficiency; it represented a fundamental shift in how the agency approached the permit process. By leveraging the power of motion graphics, Ingenuiti transformed a complex, cumbersome process into a user-friendly experience.

    The success of this approach went beyond mere numbers; it reflected a deep understanding of user needs and a creative use of technology to meet those needs. The reduction in support calls freed agency staff to focus on more valuable tasks, while users enjoyed a more streamlined and accessible permit process.

    This case showcases how creative solutions like motion graphics can transform a seemingly intractable problem into an opportunity for innovation and efficiency. Ingenuity's team didn't just solve a problem; they created a new paradigm for how such processes can be managed, proving that sometimes, the path to efficiency lies in seeing a problem from a new angle and daring to approach it with creativity and flair.

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