• Instructor Led Training

Expert Guidance with a Human Touch: Elevate Your Training with Ingenuiti's Instructor-Led Solutions

Use Case

What Is It?
  • In-person instruction but can also include virtual modality (VILT)
  • Instructor facilitates a training session for a group of learners or individuals
  • Synchronous learning – usually same place, all at the same time
Why Use It?
  • Learners can engage with trainer – ask questions
  • Greater social learning and collaboration
When to Use It?
  • When the number of learners is low and the technical details are high
  • Need to demonstrate mastery
  • Trainer can personalize to learner needs
  • Highly specialized or complex information

CASE STUDY: Elevating Coaching; Transforming Instructor-Led Training for Global Managers

In the dynamic world of global consulting, managers are not just leaders but coaches. They are expected to guide their teams through complex challenges and methodologies, adapting to various settings in the flow of work. A prominent consulting firm had instructor-led training courses in place but was struggling with unsatisfactory results. They needed to transform their content, making it more relevant, accessible, and tailored to help managers coach their teams effectively.
  • 1 A Challenge to Overcome
    The problem was multifaceted. The firm's content was complex and didn't align with the varying needs of the managers or their teams. The existing instructor-led training was rigid and unable to support managers in various scenarios outside formal courses. The firm needed a solution that would enable managers to access the right content at the right time and apply it effectively in coaching their teams.
  • 2 Ingenuiti's Innovative Approach
    Ingenuiti's learning team set out to redefine the learning experience. They created content in three separate asset levels: Learn, Practice, and Apply, and in 12 different modalities, such as Scenarios, Coaching Scenarios, Micro Courses, Videos, Infographics, etc. This multi-faceted approach allowed managers to select the most appropriate content for their unique needs.

    A Performance Support Ecosystem was designed, giving managers the tools they needed to optimize their team’s performance in real time. This ecosystem acted as a bridge between the learning assets and the learners' expertise level, ensuring the right fit for each situation.
  • 3 Empowering Results and a New Benchmark
    The transformation was profound. Not only were the initial objectives met, but they were exceeded. Managers were equipped with tailored resources, enabling them to become proficient coaches in various settings. They received training that was not just accessible but also relevant and timely.

    This transformation was more than an upgrade; it set a new standard in coaching training. By recognizing the unique needs of the audience and crafting a solution that was both flexible and targeted, Ingenuiti helped the firm elevate its training approach to new heights.

    Ultimately, Ingenuiti's solution wasn't just about providing information; it was about empowering managers to become adept coaches, responsive to their team's needs and ready to guide them through the complex landscape of global consulting. It became a symbol of what innovative thinking, adaptive design, and keen understanding of audience needs can achieve.

CASE STUDY: Revamping Safety; Global Restaurant Chain's Transformation of ILT Safety Training

In bustling restaurant kitchens around the world, hazards are an ever-present reality. From slippery floors to sharp utensils and scalding appliances, the environment can be perilous. A global restaurant chain faced a growing problem: repeated safety incidents and injuries, rooted in ineffective safety training. They were struggling to deliver consistent, high-quality safety instruction across various regions, often hampered by a lack of internet connectivity or computers. What they needed was a reimagined approach to instructor-led training (ILT) on topics like Powered Industrial Trucks, Lockout-Tagout, and General Safety.
A Challenging Landscape The ineffective safety training was not just causing accidents; it was eroding trust and diminishing employee satisfaction. The internal training materials were inconsistent, leading to a fragmented learning experience. The challenge was significant, and the consequences were real. It required a holistic overhaul, not merely a tweak. Ingenuiti's Tailored Solution Ingenuiti's learning team began with an insightful analysis of the client's standard operating procedures (SOPs), identifying the learning objectives for each one. This detailed examination provided a robust foundation for crafting a solution tailored to the unique needs of the client. Working hand-in-hand with the client, Ingenuiti designed concise, accurate, and engaging learning experiences for workers at every level. This included providing branded learning templates and comprehensive guidebooks for both facilitators and participants.

Transformative Outcomes
The results were transformative. Post-event surveys reflected an upswing in learner engagement and satisfaction. More importantly, there was a tangible reduction in safety incidents and injuries.

By enhancing the quality of safety training, Ingenuiti not only improved the employee experience but significantly raised safety standards across the organization. The investment in thoughtful analysis and tailored learning solutions paid dividends in fostering a safer, more harmonious working environment.

Ultimately, Ingenuiti's intervention was not just about improving training; it was about nurturing a culture of safety and care. It was a testament to how a thoughtful, tailored approach to learning can lead to meaningful change, empowering a global restaurant chain to protect its most valuable asset: its people.

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Ingenuiti has a 40-year track record translating and localizing a wide range of material for international audiences. We have 3,000+ linguists and can translate into 120+ languages.

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