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Use Case

What Is It?
  • From simple point systems and badges (simple games) to true games (video games, complex)
  • Can be board games, video games
  • Scavenger hunts – have to search for clues
  • Escape rooms – can’t move forward until clues are found or puzzles solved
  • Levels often involved – solve one level before moving to the next level
  • Leaderboards so learners know how they are doing compared to others
Why Use It?
  • Enables learners to play various roles – hero, villain, savior
  • Connects to the human desire to play
  • Connects to the drive to compete with others – dopamine
  • Brings concepts to life
  • Provides decision points that cause gain or loss
  • Fun – truly fun games matter
  • Can provide real scenarios beyond just words
  • Develop critical thinking skills and decision making
  • Rewards are deep motivators
When to Use It?
  • Gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate and apply what they’ve learned
  • Encourages learners to learn more or retry when they fail
  • Younger learners are very familiar with games
  • Social learning when on a team against other teams – collaboration

CASE STUDY: Serving Success with a Slice of Gamification: A Case Study in Training for an International Restaurant Group

  • 1 A Topping-Heavy Problem: The Training Challenge
    When a US-based restaurant chain expanded into Japan, they encountered an unexpected hurdle. Their extensive menu of specialty pizzas, coupled with a plethora of toppings and specific measurements for each size, presented a complex training challenge. The employees had to memorize an enormous amount of information, all while learning to operate the Point of Sale (POS) system. Traditional training methods were falling short, and something more engaging and effective was needed.
  • 2 A Game-Changing Solution: Ingenuiti’s Gamified Training App
    Ingenuiti cooked up a solution as innovative as it was fun. They developed an app containing various games specifically designed to train employees on both pizza-making and the POS system. These weren’t just any games – they were targeted, level-based learning experiences accessible right from the employees' cell phones.

      Pizza-maker Games: Five different games focusing on the art of pizza-making, from selecting the right toppings to ensuring accurate measurements for each pizza size.

      Pulse Game: A game centered around mastering the POS system, introducing the functions and features in an engaging way.
    The app's design embraced the vibrant world of pizza-making, transforming what could have been a tedious training process into an exciting and enjoyable experience.
  • 3 Delicious Results: Improved Training, Increased Engagement, and Boosted Productivity
    The effects of this gamified approach were immediate and savory. Employees found themselves better trained, not only in the types and amounts of toppings but also in the nuances of the POS system.

    The playful nature of the training turned what could have been a chore into a chance to engage, learn, and even compete. The result was a boost in productivity, a more harmonious learning culture, and a tangible increase in employee engagement.

    Beyond the numbers, this case illustrates the power of creative thinking and the potential of gamification in training. By turning a serious challenge into a game, Ingenuiti managed to engage employees on a level that traditional methods couldn’t reach.

    In an industry where precision and efficiency are key, this gamified approach provided the ingredients for success. The restaurant group not only solved their training problem but also enriched their corporate culture, proving that sometimes, thinking outside the pizza box can lead to deliciously effective solutions.
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