• 2D and 3D Animations

Visual Mastery: Transform Complex Concepts into Engaging Animations with Ingenuiti

Use Case

What Is It?
  • 2D – process of creating movement in a 2-dimensional space
  • 3D – process of creating moving 3-dimensional images
    • 2D images are flat – length and width
    • 3D images are deep – include length, width, and depth
Why Use It?
  • Cost effective (compared to video)
  • Easier to edit than video when changes occur
  • Strong retention – visual retained 65% after 3 days, spoken is 10-20% after 3 days
  • Good for reinforcement after another learning experience
  • Can give learners the perspective of the people they are learning about
  • Faster – visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text
  • Can “show” rather than “tell” in the moment when learning is needed
When to Use It?
  • Good for scenarios – helps learners visualize what they’ve learned
  • Good for pairing concepts – making complex concepts visual
  • Performs effectively within the realm of microlearning.
  • Accessible – what learners need when they need it – quickly
    • Enhances visual – details not possible in 2D
    • In highly technical training
    • Allows for laying with paired with motion graphics
    • Can experience dangerous situations without the danger

CASE STUDY: Animation for Mission Critical Processes and Workflows

  • 1 A Universal Challenge
    One of the world's largest multinational professional services firms faced a perplexing challenge. They needed to impart to their global staff the importance of mission critical processes and workflows. The complexity of the content demanded a solution that was not only instructive but engaging and resonant with a diverse audience.
  • 2 Ingenuiti's Innovative Solution
    Recognizing the universal appeal of visual storytelling, Ingenuiti embarked on creating a custom animation. This wasn't just an animation; it was a visual narrative designed to articulate the purpose of the firm's initiative. The solution was twofold. First, the animation introduced the upcoming training, setting the stage for what was to come. Then, a simulation model was crafted to be used at the end of the training. This simulation wasn't just a demonstration; it was a platform for learners to prove their mastery of the content.
  • 3 Transformative Results
    The results were profound. The learners didn't just understand the "WHY" behind the training; they were drawn into it. By grounding the instruction in a compelling narrative, engagement levels soared, leading to improved learning outcomes. The simulation module at the end of the training served as both a capstone and a validation. Learners could demonstrate their comprehension, cementing their mastery of the mission-critical processes.

    Ingenuiti's solution transcended mere information transfer. It turned a complex subject into an engaging journey, fostering understanding, and mastery. The use of animation and simulation became a conduit for learning, proving that innovative thinking and creative execution could elevate even the most intricate of subjects.

    Ultimately, it was a testament to how art and education could meld, empowering a global firm to not just teach but inspire its staff to grasp and excel in understanding mission-critical processes. The project stood as a beacon for how creativity could breathe life into even the most complex professional education initiatives.

Why Choose Us?

Learning and Development Expertise

Ingenuiti’s instructional designers are focused on meeting business objectives. Our creative team is global and highly skilled. Our project managers have decades of experience. We have created thousands of learning experiences for some of the largest companies in the world.

Translation and Localization Expertise

Ingenuiti has a 40-year track record translating and localizing a wide range of material for international audiences. We have 3,000+ linguists and can translate into 120+ languages.

Staff Augmentation Expertise

Ingenuiti has a pool of experts in learning, technology, graphic design and project management. We created this space for learning development 30 years ago and work with some of the most complex companies in the world.

Quality Assurance and ISO-Certification

Ingenuiti maintains ISO certification in three areas providing peace of mind that your learning project will be delivered on-time, on-quality, and on-budget.

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