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Global Needs Analysis

What’s a Global Needs Analysis?

A Needs Analysis  is a comprehensive review of your learning strategy. You will be connected with our expert Learning Strategists who will help you identify and address any learning challenges you currently face and help you build a strategic roadmap to address them.

What is the Global Needs Analysis Process?

The process begins with a questionnaire that will enable Ingenuiti to do research prior to the session. Next, there is a live session that will be virtual and last for 45 minutes. Following the session, the experts from Ingenuiti will create a “Way Forward” document that will outline your challenges and recommend solutions and next steps.

CASE STUDY: Rapid Design Solution to Bridge Petrochemical Knowledge Gap

  • 1 The Issue: Gaps in Essential Operator Knowledge
    In the global petrochemical industry, seamless operations and efficiency are paramount. A global petrochemical client was grappling with performance issues, stemming from a critical knowledge gap. Essential information, vital for everyday Operator tasks, was confined to the minds of subject matter experts (SMEs) but was not documented or unified. This lack of accessible knowledge was impeding operations and performance.
  • 2 The Strategy: Ingenuiti's Rapid Analysis for Quality Assurance eLearning Course
    Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the problem, Ingenuiti’s Learning team devised a tailored solution:

      Rapid Analysis: Conducting a 3-day live session to gather the multifaceted subject matter from various SMEs.

      Inclusive Collaboration: Ensuring every SME and stakeholder's attendance, for comprehensive consensus on course flow, modalities, and high-level objectives.

      Problem Solving: Uncovering hidden requirements and existing workflow issues, leading to a complete understanding of the learning needs.
    The outcome of this intense, collaborative process was a blueprint for success:

      Course Design Plan: Outlining the structure and content of the Quality Assurance eLearning course.

      Detailed Statement of Work (SOW): Providing a meticulous roadmap for the development phase and the construction of the learning experiences.
  • 3 The Outcome: A Roadmap for Knowledge Sharing and Performance Enhancement
    The result of Ingenuiti's rapid intervention was a strategic plan that set the stage for bridging the knowledge gap:

      Unified Knowledge Base: The insights from diverse SMEs were synthesized into a coherent plan, addressing the core deficiencies in operator knowledge.

      Future Development Path: The detailed SOW laid the groundwork for the next steps in crafting engaging and educational learning experiences.

      Performance Improvement: With a roadmap in place for accessible knowledge sharing, the stage was set for improved operator performance and efficiency.
  • 4 Conclusion: A Model of Agility in Petrochemical Learning Solutions
    Ingenuiti’s Rapid Design Solution demonstrates how a targeted, fast-paced approach can overcome complex challenges in a highly specialized industry. By harnessing the collective wisdom of multiple experts, and translating it into a clear, actionable plan, Ingenuiti showcased the agility and innovation required to address real-world problems.

    The success of this project reflects the importance of collaborative learning design, where inclusive engagement with stakeholders uncovers hidden insights, leading to robust solutions. Ingenuiti's method offers a template for other industries facing similar challenges, where fragmented expertise needs to be unified into practical, accessible learning tools for enhanced performance.

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Learning and Development Expertise

Ingenuiti’s instructional designers are focused on meeting business objectives. Our creative team is global and highly skilled. Our project managers have decades of experience. We have created thousands of learning experiences for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Ingenuiti has a 40-year track record translating and localizing a wide range of material for international audiences. We have 3,000+ linguists and can translate into 120+ languages.

Staff Augmentation Expertise

Ingenuiti has a pool of experts in learning, technology, graphic design and project management. We created this space for learning development 30 years ago and work with some of the most complex companies in the world.

Quality Assurance and ISO-Certification

Ingenuiti maintains ISO certification in three areas providing peace of mind that your learning project will be delivered on-time, on-quality, and on-budget.

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