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Closeup photo of paper and pen UX design sketching and smartphone on the wooden desk

The ISD-ADDIE Process II: What You Need to Know

In Part I of this series, we stressed the importance of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) – ADDIE process as the foundation …

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UX Sketching and paper prototyping. Power of pen and paper sketching

The ISD-ADDIE Process I: What You Need to Know

eLearning companies that follow the Instructional Design (ID) process, or more specifically the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process, are in …

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Translation Memory

Translation Memory and Localized eLearning Content

Creating eLearning content that reaches across language and cultural barriers have become an important task for companies that need to …

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7 Tips to Reduce the Cost of eLearning Content

One of the pillars of eLearning’s success in the workplace is its potential to save employers money. When you take into …

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Photo of female hands typing on laptop keyboard with smartphone and E-learning whitepapers on the modern office desk

How to Develop eLearning Course Content With Translation in Mind

Creating effective eLearning material requires planning ahead. This process can be simplified by considering the following things when developing content with eLearning …

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Modern office desk with laptop , smart phone, notebook, pen and female hands typing.

Translating eLearning Using Adobe Captivate? Learn How Here!

Are you having trouble translating your eLearning course using Adobe Captivate? Translating your eLearning can take your course to the …

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Translate eLearning Content with Lectora

Do you have a foreign or multilingual audience that needs access to your eLearning content? It’s easy to adapt or …

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Solving eLearning Course Creation Challenges With Adobe Captivate

One of the things that people who have just recently entered the eLearning sphere often learn is just how many …

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An Inside Look at eLearning Video Translation

An Inside Look at eLearning Video Translation

As the eLearning sphere continues to grow, the use of video is becoming more and more common. Incorporating videos into …

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Two women working together with Translation Software

eLearning Localization Matters: Is Your Course Culturally Correct?

Anyone who has traveled extensively knows that cultural differences can be found in every corner of the world. To assume …

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