Solving eLearning Course Creation Challenges With Adobe Captivate

One of the things that people who have just recently entered the eLearning sphere often learn is just how many different authoring tools are available. Indeed, there are so many different options on the market that making the right choice can be head-spinning. For those who are looking to overcome some of the more common challenges associated with eLearning, Adobe Captivate can be one of the best solutions out there.

If you’re looking to solve problems that have gotten in the way of building the perfect eLearning courses, you’ll no doubt get a lot of mileage out of Adobe Captivate. Here are just a few issues that this unique software platform can help you solve.

Problem #1 — You Need to Create Multiple Builds

In today’s world, you need to consider the fact that people are spending more and more time on a wide variety of different devices; it’s not just laptops anymore. When Adobe Captivate moved from version 7 to version 8, quite a bit changed. Perhaps most important is the fact that the software now features responsive design. This means that you don’t need to rebuild your course entirely to fit on smartphones and tablets in addition to PCs and laptops. Clearly, the benefits of this are undeniable.

Problem #2 — You Need to Customize Your eLearning Solutions Based on Location

These days, it’s easier than ever to hone-in on a user’s location and market to them directly. Many people who put together eLearning courses don’t understand just how effective location-based marketing can be, yet the differences that come from taking this approach are astounding once you see how they can work for you and your organization. Adobe Captivate 8 makes location-based eLearning a possibility, even if you’ve never taken this approach in the past. If you have content that is specific to the UK, for example, you can make sure the content is only seen by this subset of people.

Problem #3 — You Need to have Functionality Across all Browsers

It’d be a seemingly perfect world if everyone used the same browser, right? Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. There are so many different browsers used it can seem impossible to please all of your eLearning students. When you’re trying to incorporate certain types of functionality into your courses, you have no choice but to take browser differentiation into consideration. One of the greatest things about Adobe Captivate 8 is that it comes equipped with a HTML5 Tracker. This means you can check functionality across browsers to ensure that you’re reaching the largest audience possible and will know immediately if you need to make significant changes.

Solving eLearning challenges can be easier said than done but Adobe Captivate can surely be a huge help. Contact Ingenuiti to learn more and get started today.

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