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eLearning Staffing Challenges in an Ever-evolving Recruitment Landscape

“Fifty-five percent… of owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill.”

Looking for high-level candidates with the relevant experience and expertise with today’s eLearning strategies, tools, and techniques? Then you are not alone. From life sciences and healthcare to IT, tech, finance, and aerospace, companies across industries work tirelessly to attract the right eLearning experts. However, in an ever-changing recruitment landscape, enterprises across industries face a number of recruiting challenges.

Roughly 55 percent of small businesses report struggling to find quality applicants, while staffing shortages and high turnover rates are also ongoing challenges for large corporations. In August 2021, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) surveyed 752 US executives, CFOs, finance leaders, CHROs and human capital leaders, tax leaders, risk management leaders (including CROs, CAEs, and CISOs), COOs and operations leaders, CIOs, CTOs and technology leaders, CMOs (and marketing leaders), and corporate board directors. The survey respondents represented both public and private companies in six sectors:

  • Industrial products
  • Financial services
  • Consumer markets
  • Technology
  • Media and telecom
  • Health industries
  • Energy and power

In fact, “seventy-two percent of respondents were from Fortune 1000 companies.”2

Data Source: PwC 3

Learning how to overcome these challenges will open up more opportunities to find and retain top eLearning talent. So, just what are some of the top staffing challenges facing companies today, and how do you overcome them?

A Talent Shortage

Talent shortage is arguably one of the greatest challenges facing small businesses today. Since the number of job openings exceeds the number of qualified job seekers, business owners continue to compete for a limited few candidates who shine as top talent. This is especially true when searching for candidates who specialize in eLearning and Training. In such a highly competitive environment, companies struggle to find innovative ways to attract qualified candidates.

Passive Candidates

As the title suggests, passive candidates are not actively seeking new job opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t give your job offer serious consideration if it checks all the right boxes. The challenge, of course, is sourcing, screening, and engaging passive candidates. This requires significant time and expertise which many companies just cannot afford.

Hiring Mistakes

With such few qualified candidates to choose from, hiring managers often rush to make a hiring decision. As a result, many companies fail to do the proper vetting. Another common hiring mistake is not casting a wide enough net. By limiting your outreach, you risk missing candidates who might not readily possess “all” the desired skills but hold a core skill or two. Given the right opportunity, these candidates can certainly progress on the job to become the perfect match.

Recruitment Costs

Recruiting new talent is expensive. To put this into perspective, Edie Goldberg (Society for Human Resource Management — SHRM — Foundation Chair-Elect) claims that companies can expect to pay upwards of three to four times the position’s salary.4 When companies independently take on the hiring process, they devote copious amounts of time to screen applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and make final decisions. This also means that your regular day-to-day responsibilities can be temporarily ignored or limited, adding to the overall expense.

Slow Hiring Process

Part and parcel with the high cost of recruitment is the notoriously slow hiring process. When companies manage recruitment internally, their staff might not have sufficient time or the appropriate resources to optimize the hiring process. After all, it takes time and expertise to evaluate an applicant’s skills and overall suitability. However, the longer a hiring manager takes to make a decision, the higher the risk of losing that A-level eLearning candidate to an eager competitor.

Let’s face it. It’s a job seeker’s market. With so many challenges at hand, many companies turn to a professional staffing solutions company.

Devoted Staffing Division

With over 30 years of experience offering professional staffing solutions, Ingenuiti’s recruiting division collaborates with hundreds of consultants on a weekly basis and regularly receives client requests, asking for specific skill sets. Our staffing division pre-qualifies candidates and thoroughly interviews them prior to referring them to our clients. We thoroughly check references, and, if our clients request samples of a candidate’s work, we provide these along with the most up-to-date resumes.

Our staffing specialists ensure they fully understand the job requirements and only submit qualified, pre-vetted candidates to our clients. One service that is particularly popular is our “Contract with Right to Hire” option. Since technical skills, production, and professionalism are only a portion of what is important when hiring a new eLearning employee, it is critical to also consider a candidate’s personality traits and work ethic. Engaging in a “contract with right to hire” solution affords both parties an opportunity to test drive the new experience to ensure it is a solid fit.

Extensive Networking Capabilities

Whether you require independent contractors, contract-to-hire professionals, or permanent hires, Ingenuiti has the network capabilities to find your ideal candidates. We can confidently locate qualified candidates often within 48 hours and have successfully placed over 1,500 professionals across leading companies in nearly every industry. Ingenuiti is an active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and regularly attends industry networking events throughout the year. We are also very mindful of each of our client’s budgets and work tirelessly within that range to find just the right fit for you.

Specialty Vendor

Ingenuiti specializes in quality staffing solutions for professional positions across industries and has our finger on the pulse of eLearning and Training trends. As a specialty vendor for eLearning and Training professionals, we offer a proprietary database of over 30,000 professionals in the eLearning and Training space. We are constantly on the lookout for eLearning and Training professionals to add to our proprietary database. If you require candidates with expertise in eLearning, Ingenuiti will find them. As Ingenuiti’s valued Placement Director often states, “we place anyone involved in training. Whether it be design, development, or delivery, we have your resource.”

We place anyone involved in training. Whether it be design, development, or delivery, we have your resource.
-Robbi Rohr, Placement Director, Ingenuiti

We are passionate about supporting companies with our professional eLearning staffing solutions. Reach out today and experience the difference Ingenuiti makes.


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