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Global Learners

Is Corporate Learning Failing Global Learners?

This article is part of a series meant to equip the learning leaders of global organizations on the best practices …

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Learning Analysis, Learner Profiles, and Unconscious Bias

When I was in graduate school, a professor told our class that he had read a book describing racial bias …

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Ingenuiti Wins Gold from Brandon Hall Group for Best Certification Program

Ingenuiti, a global leader in learning and translation solutions, was recognized along with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and …

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Ensuring Quality for Medical Device Translations

Regulations that govern the life sciences industry are centered around one primary goal: ensuring that medical devices are safe to …

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Mitigating Internationalization Risk in the Life Sciences Industry

Mitigating Internationalization Risks: Life Sciences Industry

Exponential growth in global markets and the need for quality localization Localization for the life sciences industry is considered a …

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Why Translation Should be a Core Component of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

In the modern workplace, there is a growing emphasis on inclusivity. Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusivity are often rewarded …

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eLearning Project Managment

Ensure Your eLearning Project Stays on Track

Whether you are launching an eLearning project for a non-government organization (NGO) or a corporation, your project can quickly become …

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eLearning Translation

What Drives eLearning Translation Success?

Please see below for a few critical steps in the process. In its 2022 Workplace Learning Report, LinkedIn surveyed over …

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Human vs. Machine Translation

Communication Matters  Communication is central to how we live and work. Without effective communication, things can fall apart pretty quickly. …

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Glossaries and Termbase for Life Sciences Industry

Terminology Management for Life Sciences

Glossaries and Termbases for Medical Device Companies As social, political, and economic ideologies shift and evolve throughout the world, so …

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