Harness the Power of Storytelling with Professional Video Creation

The Growing Popularity and Challenges of Video Creation

Professional video creation is one of the most powerful ways companies can share their unique story. Whether you wish to attract new customers, walk existing customers through the complexities of your technology, or offer continuous training and educational opportunities at work, video creation offers several options. Storytelling through video — whatever that story may be — helps successful companies build their credibility in their brand, products, and services.

In 2021, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published results from their Video & Visual Storytelling Survey. The survey rendered nearly 500 responses from B2B, B2C, and non-profit organizations from around the world. Among other objectives, the survey aimed to understand what types of videos were the most popular among respondents. 

Data Source: CMI 1

While explainer videos were the most popular, interview-style videos weren’t far behind, followed closely by storytelling videos, product overviews, and training videos. 

Solving Unique Challenges Through Video

Although video creation is growing in popularity, creating high-quality videos isn’t as easy as one would think. In the same survey, companies shared some of the most common challenges they face when trying to tackle the multi-step video creation process in-house.

Data Source: CMI 2

If not resolved quickly, these challenges can exhaust your time and budget, and might even hurt your reputation. Before discussing the need for video creation, however, (let alone planning and producing your video) you need to first ask yourself what your goals and objectives are. What are your desired outcomes? In other words, before creating unnecessary headaches and problems for your team, have you stopped to contemplate what problems you already have and why you feel those problems can be solved through video?

At Ingenuiti, we meet directly with you to learn about your unique business requirements and the challenges you are currently up against. Our solutions team works with clients across many industries and disciplines, helping to solve their diverse communications predicaments such as:

  • How do we market our products and services to a diverse demographic?
  • How do we simplify our complex processes for new employees?
  • How do we get our employees to buy into our change management plans?
  • How do we keep our employees engaged and enthusiastic in performing their key roles?
  • How do we ensure our maintenance personnel remains safe on the plant floor?

Every company is unique, so every company’s story should likewise be unique. That is why Ingenuiti offers a highly customized solutions approach to help you solve your problems. When you meet with our solutions team, we’ll listen closely to the challenges you’re facing and help you build effective solutions—and we won’t be shy about our suggestions.

After listening to your challenges, goals, and objectives, we might just surprise you by suggesting that video isn’t the best medium for your particular scenario. But we won’t walk out the door and leave you stranded. As seasoned solution architects and problem-solvers, we’ll assess your current situation and offer you the best path forward. However, if video creation is the best solution, we’ll work with you to plan, create, and produce the type of video that is just right for you.

Ingenuiti’s Professional Video Creation Solutions

The following are just a few types of videos that, if done right, will help you reach your goals.

  • Looking to humanize your brand? Headshot videos might be the answer.
  • Onboarding and upskilling? eLearning videos are ideal. 
  • Launching new software? Explainer videos will guide your customers through the complexities of your technology.
  • Building brand awareness and engagement? 2D and 3D animation videos are all the rage.

While the following flowchart provides a general idea of the steps Ingenuiti takes to bring your video’s story to life, our team of skilled videographers and script writers collaborate directly with you to humanize your message and effectively present what is unique about your business.



At the onset of your video creation project, Ingenuiti will help you identify your targeted audience. This is critical to the overall success of your video campaign. It requires a thorough understanding of your audience’s interests, dislikes, and challenges. Together, we’ll brainstorm production ideas and find creative ways to promote your products and services that appeal directly to your desired demographic. At the end of this first phase, we’ll:

  • Determine the best strategy for reaching your desired audience
  • Clearly outline how our video production will reach your target market


Moving beyond ideation, the pre-production phase involves more specific forms of planning. During pre-production, Ingenuiti will help you develop your script and build your video’s storyboard, outlining each individual scene. In order to avoid any roadblocks, we’ll also ensure we address all required assets, including:

  • Programs Used
  • Stock Footage
  • Talent
  • Quotes (for rentals or purchases)

The more detailed the pre-production phase, the less likely your project will run over budget or over time.


Now that all the planning is complete, the production phase is arguably the most intense and time-sensitive phase of any video project. At this phase, your story starts to come alive. Ingenuiti will work to capture all the raw materials for your video, including:

  • Setting up lighting, sound, and video
  • Recording voiceovers
  • Conducting interviews
  • Capturing b-roll (additional footage)

How long the production phase lasts depends largely on the type of video. Remember that the more complex a video is, the longer it will take to produce.


The final phase is post-production. At this point, Ingenuiti will assemble all the shots and clean up the video and audio. We will address any and all errors, and the video scenes will be edited and placed in their proper sequence. During post-production, effects may be added, including:

  • Visual effects
  • CGI
  • Titles
  • Narrative audio
  • Text
  • Captions

If audio such as voice lines weren’t clear in the original shoot, actors may need to return at this time to re-record their lines. Once everything is complete, Ingenuiti will render a final version and send it to you for review.

Trust Ingenuiti With Your Video Creation Needs

Ingenuiti is not just another video creation vendor. We support our clients’ vision through clear, effective, proven solutions tailored to your unique needs. Here are a few additional ways we support our clients. 

Effective Collaboration with your SMEs

We collaborate with your company’s subject matter experts to ensure a solid understanding of your target market’s pain points. We then create powerful videos that address those challenges head-on and showcase your company’s products and services as the solution. Our video production specialists can take the most complex concepts and seamlessly get the point across using motion graphics and animations.

Video Localization, Narration, and Dubbing

Video is a powerful medium to help you reach and resonate with your audience. But you might be missing the mark if your target market speaks languages other than English. As a respected language services provider, Ingenuiti offers video localization to ensure your videos resonate with your target market in their preferred language. Ingenuiti offers a full suite of language solutions specialized for video production, including:

  • Professional video translation and localization
  • Expert narration and video editing
  • Dubbing
  • Onscreen text translation
  • Subtitling
  • Native-speaking, seasoned voice actors

Are you interested in learning more? Let Ingenuiti help you overcome your challenges with professionally polished video creation solutions. Start your next video creation project today with Ingenuiti.


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