eBook Global Corporate Learning

Building Bridges in Learning: Strategies for Multilingual & Multicultural Corporate Training

Non Narrative EBook

In this eBook, Ingenuiti looks to address a key question: Is Corporate Learning Failing its learners? In the first chapter, we verify that learners are indeed being let down. The next 13 chapters are focused on helping training professionals better support their global audiences.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Is the ADDIE Model Right for Global Corporate Learning?
  • Learning Analysis, Learner Profiles, and Unconscious Bias
  • Learning Design for a Multilingual Audience: Where Translation Belongs in the Process
  • Getting Translation Right the First Time
  • How to Communicate Learning Value to Your C-Suite
  • And many more!

By downloading this eBook you will gain insights into the topics noted above and be better equipped to provide inclusive and engaging learning to global audiences.

If you have any specific questions or if a question was not answered in our ebook, please reach out to Ingenuiti directly. We would be happy to learn how we can specifically help your company or organization.