Apo Island Outreach Program 2017

Apo Island is an isolated island in the Philippines located about 20 miles South of Ingenuiti’s office in Dumaguete City. Apo Island is surrounded by a marine sanctuary and has an extraordinary array of aquatic life. Tourists from all over the world travel to the remote island to scuba dive, snorkel, enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the incredible biodiversity of the marine ecosystem.

Life on the island, however, is not always as beautiful as the diverse marine life found off its shores. Access to daily basic needs on this remote island is limited. Electricity, clean water, food, and school supplies are just a few examples of the resources that must be divided among residents of Apo Island.

Apo Island Outreach Program

The Apo Island Outreach Program is an initiative that Non-Governmental Organizations and business process outsourcing companies started four years ago. Ingenuiti joined the program in 2015. The goal of the Apo Island Outreach Program is to improve the lives of the people living on the island and neighboring communities.

In June, Ingenuiti donated school supplies to provide teachers with the tools they need to create effective classrooms for their students. Ingenuiti believes that everyone benefits from a strong community. By making genuine connections within the community, residents feel less isolated, stay healthier, are more engaged, and, ultimately, feel happier. Ingenuiti employees are able to take on leadership roles to serve their neighbors, and as a result have increased fulfillment, performance and productivity. Communities thrive when they feel connected.

Ingenuiti is passionate about translating globally, and proud to help locally.