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Storyboard design sketch on the modern wooden office table. Storyboard design in progress. Storyboard ideas

7 Tips for Effective Storyboarding

Storyboarding is an essential process when developing eLearning with a production team. A storyboard should effectively communicate the intent, graphic …

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Young man using augmented reality , looking for a real estate on his phone

3 Ways Augmented Reality Attracts and Retains a Millennial Workforce

Augmented Reality has been getting a lot of attention as a way for people to engage in new and fun …

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Female hands holding a tablet with a books reservation app on the background.

How to Use Augmented Reality to Crush Your eLearning Design

Augmented Reality (AR) promises to fundamentally change learning experiences. With AR, learners use a mobile or wearable device to augment …

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Businessman in suit using tablet device to check new candidates for international business consulting.

3 Wonderful Ways Augmented Reality Will Transform Learning

Every decade or so, a new technology emerges that fundamentally changes the landscape of learning. In the 80s it was …

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Businessman signing contract document on office desk, close up photo

Ingenuiti Acquires OmniLingua Worldwide!

This year has been a very busy and exciting year for Ingenuiti.  We have been pushing forward with new services …

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How to Attain “Flow” Using Gamification

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that time just slipped by and you were not thinking of …

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Person using laptop on the modern office desk with books and brick wall in the background. Testing video game

Designing Games for Different Player Types

Exploring Two Models of Player Types in Gamification Design Regardless of the gamification that you design and develop in your …

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Man playing chess

Gamification Pain Point

As introduced in our previous blog entry, “Why Use Gamification?”, we defined the concept of gamification, described some use cases, …

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Why Use Gamification?

Let’s begin with two fundamental questions: “What is gamification and why use it?” It’s important to understand that gamification is NOT dependent …

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Man looking at business strategy bulletin board in the office

The ISD-ADDIE Process IV: What You need to Know

This is the fourth installment in our series about using the byproducts from the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) – ADDIE …

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