Ingenuiti Teams with POWERformance To Design New Sales Coaching Ecosystem

Ingenuiti, a leading custom learning, and translation services company, and The POWERformance Group, a preeminent sales coaching training firm, announced the redesign of the POWERformance POWER Sales Coaching program. This program is considered the gold standard for improving sales manager coaching performance.

The new design will feature a variety of modalities to enhance the existing program enabling:

  • Greater convenience to access learning assets anytime, anywhere.
  • Increased comprehension by segmenting content into bite-sized learning.
  • Learning in the flow of work, where participants can quickly access the right content at the point of need.

Using an award-winning Push-Anchor-Pull™ methodology to learn, practice, and apply, Ingenuiti, working in concert with POWERformance, will redesign the POWER Sales Coaching program to maximize engagement, adoption, and application. “We saw an opportunity to expand the reach of our benchmark POWER Sales Coaching program while enhancing instructional effectiveness and user experience,” said Joy Van Skiver, Founder, and President of The POWERformance Group. “After extensive research, we chose Ingenuiti as our design and development partner based on their innovative approaches to learning experience design, visual treatments, and knowledge of how to design productized learning content.”

“Enabling sales managers to level up the way they provide feedback to their sales team and deliver high-impact coaching is a source of competitive advantage in today’s challenging sales environments. Ingenuiti is excited about our partnership with The POWERformance Group and the impact that together we will create for the next generation of the POWER Sales Coaching program.”

Paul Meskanick, VP, Learning Solution, Ingenuiti

For organizations interested to learn how the POWER Sales Coaching program can provide your sales leaders a tangible business impact via coaching, Joy Van Skiver is co-leading a presentation entitled Amgen’s FCR Learning Journey, hosted by the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN), on Friday, February 3, from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EST. For more details or to register here

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The POWERformance Group.

We simplify coaching, and we’ve proven that simple works. The POWERformance Group grew out of years of working with managers on communication skills. We discovered a huge gap between perception and reality. Managers thought they were coaching, but their coaching comments were vague, superficial, and lacking in both direction and motivation. That’s why we created what we call a coaching language. When managers leverage this language, they’re eager to coach, they know exactly how to phrase meaningful comments, and they earn respect from their teams. For more information, please visit:

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