Our software development team creates software to make it easier for us to work together! Our technology saves you time, eliminates a lot of email communication and ensures that we maintain quality and consistency with every project. And best of all, they are free to use on projects we partner on together!

The most common challenge to reviewing eLearning courses and other media is having a convenient place to record comments and feedback. Spreadsheets, e-mails, documents do not work. Due to the lack of any structure, issues can become confusing to implement, and tracking them becomes a job in and of itself.

Prevent duplicate effort with a centralized eLearning review tool, and help team members manage their tasks more efficiently.

Track issues from discovery to resolution, to ensure that all problems have been fixed.

Assign reviews and issues to specific team members, and then track issue progress and deadlines.


Request a new project and seemlessly upload files


Receive, review and approve quotes


Communicate on a message thread tied to each specific project


Download project deliveries and access archived files through search

Knowing what’s happening with your project is critical. As part of our services, we provide clients with Connect, our online management portal.

Connect lets you efficiently initiate and track projects anytime and anywhere. Your Ingenuiti project team works in the same database, giving you real-time access to the latest information, when you need it.

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