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Bridging Cultures, Uniting Understanding: Reinforce Global Learning Retention with Specialized Translation Solutions

Use Case

What Is It?
  • The process of adapting content’s full meaning to a new region
  • Includes translation, imagery, and cultural elements
Why Use It?
  • Building a culture of learning in which all are honored by learning tailored to them
  • When you need the same people that built learning to do the translation
When to Use It?
  • When learning is needed in multiple languages
  • Even if in the same location
  • When culture variations will have an impact on learning success
  • When precision matters
  • When not in the same region or location
  • Technical components are complex
  • Specific phrases or expressions are required

CASE STUDY: Unleashing Learning to the World: A Translation and Localization Project in 42 Languages

  • 1 Problem: Accessibility and Cost-Efficiency for Multilingual Training Content
    Ingenuiti’s client, a multinational conglomerate with five diversified business groups, faced a significant challenge in making English-authored training materials accessible to a global audience. These materials, including webinars, were laden with complex elements like embedded videos, quizzes, and narrations, requiring a nuanced approach to translation and localization in up to 42 languages.

    Traditional methods of translation, transcription, subtitling, and voice-overs were not suitable due to constraints in time and budget. The client sought an innovative and cost-effective solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality.
  • 2 Solution: Ingenuiti's Customized Approach to Multilingual Localization
    Ingenuiti, known for its creative localization solutions, took up the challenge:

      Understanding the Needs: Collaborating with the Health Care Academy coordinators, Ingenuiti’s team dug into the training scenarios and language necessities, factoring in elements like content criticality, risk factors, and audience values.

      Creating a Decision Tree: A tailored decision-making guide was crafted to pinpoint the optimal localization methods for each content type.

      Developing a “Pick List”: This unique list provided localization services and pricing for diverse training needs, most utilizing automation tools like Machine Translation/Post-editing and Text to Speech (TTS).

      Integrating Multiple Options: Ingenuiti developed a suite of solutions, including variations of webinars with translated subtitles, dubbed TTS audio, translated slides, and more.

      Offering Fixed Pricing: The pricing was set based on language tiers and volume groups, offering flexibility and clarity.
  • 3 Results: Flexibility, Quality, and Cost-Effectiveness
    Ingenuiti’s ingenious approach led to remarkable outcomes:

      Quality Assurance: The machine-translated content, refined by minimal human review, met the client's quality standards. The automated speech output's high quality, with diverse dialects, voices, and speech modulation, was beyond expectations.

      Cost Efficiency: Through automation, Ingenuiti's solution led to a 50% reduction in costs compared to traditional translation and voice-over methods.

      Faster Turnaround: The cycle time was cut by 60%, ensuring rapid delivery.

      Broad Acceptance: The success of this solution has spurred its implementation across various divisions within the company.
  • 4 Conclusion: An Innovative Leap in Global Learning Accessibility
    Ingenuiti’s project demonstrates a groundbreaking advancement in the field of multilingual training content localization. By combining technological innovation with a deep understanding of the client's specific needs, the Ingenuiti team crafted a solution that broke through traditional limitations.

    The project's success in delivering quality, cost-efficiency, and speed resonates as a testament to the potential of automation in localization. More than a technical triumph, it reflects a visionary approach that embraces the complexity of global communication.

    As businesses expand their reach, the demand for such sophisticated localization solutions is set to grow. Ingenuiti’s work not only satisfies a current need but points the way forward, highlighting the potential to make learning accessible, engaging, and meaningful, no matter the language or locale.

CASE STUDY: Navigating Global Medical Device Regulations, A Time Crunch, and 32 Languages

Problem: Tight Deadline for Multi-Language Localization
Ingenuiti's client, a multinational conglomerate, faced a time-sensitive challenge with their Health Care Group to comply with Europe’s Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (EU MDR). The task was to localize service and operation manuals, Instructions for Use (IFUs), warranties, and inserts for multiple product lines into 32 languages. The timeframe was exceedingly short, and the localization needed to extend beyond mere translation. It had to include formatting and multilingual outputs aligned with the client's branding guidelines.

Solution: Integration, Efficiency, and Partnership
Ingenuiti's account team rose to the challenge, creating an efficient solution that included:

    Integration of Translation Memories: By leveraging existing translation memories across 23 projects, Ingenuiti was able to streamline the process. A total of 29 files were processed in a mere 22 business days, including during the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Scope and Volume: The project encompassed translating 85,911 words into 32 languages, involving 673 hours of formatting.
    Immediate Quote-to-Project Process: Although not all source documents were available at the project's outset, Ingenuiti developed an immediate quote-to-project process, ensuring no time was lost in commencing localization work.
    Partnership and Pre-Approval: Collaborating closely with the client enabled the creation of a pre-approval process, further saving time for all parties involved.
Result: Quality, Compliance, and Customer Satisfaction
Ingenuiti's comprehensive approach led to impressive outcomes:

    Quality Assurance: The project met both the international ISO 13485 quality standards and the client's specific requirements.
    Error-Free Submission: The client reported no type 1 or type 2 errors or complaints, making the submission to regulatory teams smooth and efficient.
    Timely Delivery: Despite the narrow time frame, Ingenuiti's team successfully delivered the translations, keeping pace with the client's urgent schedule.
Conclusion: Transforming Challenge into Success
This project demonstrates Ingenuiti's ability to respond to complex, high-stakes challenges with agility and precision. The successful localization of medical materials in 32 languages within a short time frame, while maintaining the quality and consistency required by stringent regulations, is a remarkable achievement.

The collaboration between Ingenuiti and its client enabled a seamless process, from initial scoping to timely delivery, highlighting the value of partnership and innovative thinking in translation and localization.

As regulations evolve and global markets continue to intersect, the ability to act swiftly without sacrificing quality will be increasingly essential. This project illustrates how Ingenuiti's responsiveness and expertise are paving the way for successful global business practices, especially in the sensitive and vital area of healthcare.

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