Is It Time for a Learning Management System?

If your company has hesitated to add an Learning Management System (LMS), you are not alone. As you’ve grown, you have probably had the LMS discussion several times. Yet you have not pulled the trigger and for good reasons. An LMS purchase is expensive in both time and money. The initiation fees can be tens of thousands of dollars. Seats for learners can be $5 to $12 per month. Much of the time, the LMS products you are considering have many expensive features that you are never going to use. Oh, and all your employees need to have a company-provided email account. 

Ingenuiti’s LMS was built with you in mind. It is simple for learners and administrators to use, does not require email addresses for learners, and costs $1 per month per seat.

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You need to train your team members on necessary processes, safety, internal policies, and compliance issues. You need consistent training across shifts so that everyone performs the same task the same way. When your company had fewer employees, much of your training was done person to person or in a classroom with a small group of people. But as you have grown and with some portion of your team working remotely, you need a better delivery method for your learning. 

Training matters. Compliance training alone has gotten more expansive. There are safety and legal requirements that are mandatory and require record keeping. There are also cyber security challenges. You need to mitigate risks to your employees while also meeting your quality standards. All require training. 

An LMS is probably the right move but…


Almost all LMS products require all your employees to have a company-provided email address. The problem is that many of your team members do not have email addresses. We get it. Providing email addresses is expensive, at least $6 per email per month. Providing them can be an administrative headache if you have high turnover. 

The Ingenuiti LMS does not require you to provide email addresses for your employees. Of course, you can use emails if you like, but you can also use any unique identifier like an employee number or a randomly generated number. Each learner will have their own unique identifier and password. Learners will be notified of new learning opportunities through app notifications, text messages, or whatever method works best for them. 


Current LMS products are not built with you in mind. They violate the Lean Manufacturing principle of WASTE. As you know, overbuilding – adding features to a product that have no value to customers – is a violation of Lean. What you need is a way to deliver digital learning experiences in an effective and efficient way. What you get with other LMS products is all sorts of features like course authoring tools and complex analytics that you will likely never use. Ingenuit’s LMS was built to give our customers exactly what they want and need while reducing the cost. 

Ingenuiti’s LMS is designed to be simple. Complexity wastes the time of LMS administrators and learners who get frustrated because they can’t figure out what to do next. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

If you need an LMS that has all the bells and whistles, our LMS isn’t for you. If you need a system that assigns, delivers, and tracks learning, then we are the right solution for you. 


All LMS systems begin with a set-up fee. On the low end, it will be several thousands of dollars. The more expensive versions will be tens of thousands. There is no need to charge clients for this so Ingenuiti has eliminated set-up fees.

Monthly fees are determined by the number of learners in your organization. The range per seat per month is $5-$12 depending on the software you choose. This is far too expensive. We built the Ingenuiti LMS to disrupt the market which is why we offer our LMS at $1 per month per seat. You won’t find anything else like it in the market. 


Most manufacturing companies have a large percentage of employees for whom English is not their first language. Some lack basic proficiency. Not a problem for our LMS. Ingenuiti began as a translation company and works in more than 200 languages. We have translated more than one billion words for our customers in the last 10 years alone. We can provide the LMS interface in any language you need and translate your learning content as needed. Is there an extra cost? Yes, but it isn’t much and will help your team get the training they need to be safe and successful. 


Most of us are fans of the “try before you buy” approach so we have created an opportunity for you to try the LMS for free. If you would like to get a free trial account, please follow the link below. Questions? Please connect with us HERE.