Ingenuiti, LLC Announces Major Brand Update, and New Website

Ingenuiti, a leading translation and learning solutions company, announced today the launch of an exciting new rebrand initiative to align its subsidiary OmniLingua under one unified brand.

Ingenuiti, and its wholly-owned subsidiary OmniLingua, will align and operate as Ingenuiti moving forward. Additionally, as part of the brand alignment, a new logo has been created and a new website will be launched.

“As a company with a broad assortment of solutions, the brand alignment of OmniLingua to Ingenuiti allows us to better serve our clients with all of our services. It helps us provide clarity in our story and the way we communicate to those that rely and depend on us. Additionally, our new logo better reflects who we are at our core, a spark for global communication and learning.”

Adam Eling, Vice President of Client Services. 

“We knew the time was right. It’s been four years since the acquisition of OmniLingua and we’ve learned to operate as one team, but from a visibility standpoint it was confusing to function under two identities. Our brand alignment establishes better unity and cohesiveness. And with the launch of our new logo, it shows a commitment to the future and that the best is yet to come.”

Maarten Fleurke, CEO & Founder of Ingenuiti, LLC. 

In addition to the new logo, Ingenuiti also incorporated the tagline established by OmniLingua back in 2007, “Measurably Better™”. A tagline that was established by OmniLingua when the company was involved in pioneering translation quality metrics. 

“The incorporation of the tagline Measurably Better™ is a great part of our company story and it highlights our internal mission to continuously measure, report, and improve. For translations, we measure critical data points relating to quality of deliverables and on the learning side, we are reporting on impact and changes in behaviors. We are excited to have it as part of our aligned brand entity.”

Nathan Driscoll, VP of Operations.

The rebranding of OmniLingua and the launch of the new website took place on December 6th. Please visit to explore the new site and learn more about the company’s translation and learning solutions.

About Ingenuiti

Ingenuiti is an industry-leading translation, learning, and multimedia services provider whose solutions drive improved performance and global communications for corporations and NGOs. With a full spectrum of robust translation/localization capabilities and custom learning solutions, organizations have come to rely on Ingenuiti to solve their most critical challenges. An ISO-certified company,  Ingenuiti is unwavering in its commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and passion to facilitate our clients’ success. Specific certifications (ISO 17100 and ISO 13485) emphasize a commitment to support the translation of the most critical content for Medical Devices and Clinical Trials. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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