How To Make Worksheets Awesome With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been catching a lot of attention in the news recently. But is it just hype that focuses on shiny new things or can Augmented Reality solve real business needs? For example, can it transform something as mundane as a printed worksheet into an awesome learning experience? The answer is Yes – yes it can.

The key to making a worksheet awesome using Augmented Reality is to not focus on Augmented Reality first. This may seem counterintuitive, but let me explain. The purpose of a worksheet is often to practice or apply knowledge previously learned. To enhance it, it is best to focus on the learner and research-based adult learning theories first (the WHAT) and then to leverage cutting edge technology to find new solutions (the HOW). These innovative solutions will be able to address the diversities of learners’ needs, engagement, and ways to access content. So how do we do it?

Start with the Learner

To create an awesome learning experience, you first need to explore and deeply understand the needs of the learners. For example, let’s say our learners are marketing professionals who want to enhance their core set of marketing skills. These professionals are busy and need easy access to learning opportunities that fall effortlessly within the flow of work. They are also diverse in their individual working styles and how they use their newly developed skills, as shown in this table:

Number of People

Individual, Small Team, Large Team

How to Access Learning Resources

Printed, Digital

Preferred Learning Modality

Reading, Watching, Practicing


Learning, Quick Refresher, Applying

Focus on the Content

Let’s say our content is how to write catchy blog titles. To increase learner engagement and comprehension, our example worksheet has incorporated Story-BasedMicroLearning, and Gamification designs in addition to providing multiple ways to engage with the content (i.e, writing, reading, watching, applying, playing).

Design Augmented Reality Experiences

A standard PDF worksheet can be transformed by incorporating the following elements in these three areas:


  • Video to introduce the concept
    • Story based MicroLearning
  • Links to see examples
    • MicroLearning
  • Downloadable PDF to build background
    • MicroLearning
  • Online tool to apply the skill
    • Gamification: Explorer player type


  • Microgame to refine the skill
    • Gamification: Achiever player type
  • Microsurvey to refine the skill
    • Gamification: Socializer player type


  • Text entry (PDF worksheet) or writing (printed worksheet) to apply the skill
    • MicroLearning

Using the Augmented Reality Experience

For marketers who want to engage in independent learning, they can open the interactive PDF on their computers. For those who want to engage collaboratively with their colleagues in small or large teams, they can print the worksheets and then launch the interactive Augmented Reality experiences.

However they choose to access it, marketers are provided with multiple ways to engage, explore, and enact with the content. They can do this through a just-in-time learning solution that can be accessed on computers, tablets, and smartphones- as well as traditional paper.