Generative AI for L&D Professionals: Are You Discovering, Doing, or Driving?  

GenAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) tools like ChatGPT are creating a lot of hype. These technologies are already impacting business processes through automation, real-time analysis, and more. But what is your Learning & Development team doing with it… are you: 

  • Discovering: Reading articles and exploring tools, 
  • Doing: Using tools and modifying your workflows, or  
  • Driving: Getting new results and demonstrating business value  

Whether you’re discovering, doing, or driving results with genAI, how can you move to the next level? Imagine having the capability to confidently use genAI to shift the way your team creates learning and your organization views learning. Not just to add value, but to generate new solutions that produce better business outcomes. 

A Shift from Learning to Doing- How You Can Move from Ideas to Impact 

Many learning professionals have been exploring AI- talking to their colleagues about it, learning more about it and even trying the free versions of tools like ChatGPT, Bing, Midjourney, DALL-E, discovering how their work will change. Some have used these tools within their L&D team’s workflows to do things like write assessment questions, learning objectives, video scripts, or create new images and content. Very few L&D professionals have begun to champion the business value and true impact of genAI to optimize workflows and transform practices- things that will capture executives’ attention. 

Regardless of your experience or capability in using genAI, to move from ideas to impact, you need to do more than learn and do experiments. To create impact, you need to drive your business forward. 

A Capability Building Certificate Workshop: Generative AI for L&D Professionals 

In this certificate workshop, you’ll move beyond just learning about genAI- you’ll create a real design plan over 4 sessions in 30 days to drive your team’s use of genAI forward. You’ll also gain insights into what other L&D professionals are successfully doing with genAI to generate value. 

You’ll use three matrices to ideate, prioritize, and choose the right genAI project for your team. Next, you’ll have opportunities to assess and refine your design with other L&D professionals and experts in the field. Then, you’ll receive feedback from other learning professionals as well as delve into how to pitch your ideas to multiple stakeholders. Finally, you’ll be connected to a growing community of like-minded professionals, innovators, and early adopters who are driving the future of genAI in L&D. 

Explore more about the workshop and register here: 

Johnny Hamilton, VP Strategic Innovation, My Baseline Builder