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Simplified or Traditional Chinese: Which Language Best Suits Your Target Audience?

Deciding whether to use Simplified or Traditional Chinese for your next translation project can be confusing. We have outlined the …

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Businessman hand using smartphone with laptop, designing E-Learning courses.

How Moving from Flash to HTML5 Will Affect Your eLearning Design

Let’s say you’ve made the decision to retire your Flash-based content and replace it with HTML5 content. What this means for …

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What to Consider When Replacing Your Flash Content with HTML5

Adobe Flash has been one of the most widely used technologies to make interactive web experiences. In fact, during the …

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Getting Under the Hood- What Makes HTML5 Different from Flash?

As the end of the Flash era approaches, you may find yourself asking “What are the real differences between Flash …

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It’s the End of the Flash Era- What This Means for You

Do you remember a decade or so ago when websites across the Internet made a transformation from static images and …

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Apo Island Outreach Program 2017

Apo Island is an isolated island in the Philippines located about 20 miles South of Ingenuiti’s office in Dumaguete City. Apo …

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How to Attain “Flow” Using Gamification

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that time just slipped by and you were not thinking of …

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Designing Games for Different Player Types

Exploring Two Models of Player Types in Gamification Design Regardless of the gamification that you design and develop in your …

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Gamification Pain Point

As introduced in our previous blog entry, “Why Use Gamification?”, we defined the concept of gamification, described some use cases, …

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Why Use Gamification?

Let’s begin with two fundamental questions: “What is gamification and why use it?” It’s important to understand that gamification is NOT dependent …

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