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We can help maximize your company’s global reach through world-class translation. With seven global offices, we utilize a vast network of in-country, professional linguists who specialize in your content area and are aware of local cultural nuances.

focus on quality translation

A Focus On Quality Translation

As part of our ISO certified quality assurance process, we require that our linguists pass a rigorous translation test, have earned a degree in linguistics from a credible university, and have a minimum of 5 years experience working as a translator. We choose and assign linguists based on their subject matter expertise and knowledge of local cultures and dialects.

faster, more consistent translation

Faster, More Consistent Translation

All of our linguists use the latest translation tools to develop a translation memory specifically for your team or organization. A translation memory enables efficiency on future projects, as well as ensures consistency with your organization’s terminology and brand image. That efficiency can lower overall project cost. Ingenuiti will create a new Translation Memory designed specifically for your company's project, or leverage an existing translation memory.

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eLearning Localization

We specialize in helping companies train their global workforce through the localization of eLearning courses. Our process incorporates your input during each step, providing you with the visibility you need to feel confident about your translated course content. At the end of our turnkey process, we provide you with a finalized course that is ready for hosting on your learning management system.



All course text is translated by subject matter experts who understand your industry and content. This translated content is saved in a company specific translation memory for leveraging on your future projects. Additionally, Ingenuiti’s team of graphic designers can localize all course graphics.



We record course narration using professional voice talent. You will be provided with several samples to choose from so that you can match your company’s image and topic with a suitable voice.



We develop and update source files to account for language expansion and audio synchronization. After the files have been translated, the localized course, audio files, and graphics are compiled for review.



After multiple quality assurance reviews, Ingenuiti publishes the course so that it is SCORM/AICC compliant. You can directly post the course to your LMS so your global workforce can be trained immediately with culturally relevant content.

Desktop Publishing

Our Experts

Our desktop publishing (DTP) experts specialize in a myriad of different written languages, including Cyrillic script (Russian), double-byte characters (Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese), and right to left scripts (Arabic and Hebrew). Our teams consistently produce high quality projects, addressing every detail right down to punctuation, accent marks, and spacing.

Whether you have a product manual, marketing brochure, PowerPoint presentation or instructor led training, our DTP teams follow a thorough and secure process, meeting quality benchmarks along the way. We ensure your finished project is print or web ready.

Multilingual Video Subtitling,
Voiceover, and Dubbing



Whether it’s an employee training video, a marketing piece, or a speech from your CEO, Ingenuiti’s multilingual video subtitling service translates spoken words into accurate, intelligible text in any language. Per target audience, we localize subtitle translations with special consideration given to cultural nuances, dialects, and language characters. Subtitle scripts are condensed or edited to preserve video synchronization for the viewer’s understanding.


Voiceover and Dubbing

Ingenuiti’s skilled voice actors are native-speaking professionals of all ages with the ability to convey regional differences in tone and accent. Our voice actors are adept at recording voice narration to fit video needs, acting and enunciating as required.


Website Localization

When your company is operating in the international marketplace, it is crucial to have a localized website that accurately conveys your message to your target audience.


Our Expertise

Our designers and translation teams have the cultural understanding and technological know how to create content rich, user-friendly websites for Asian, European, and Middle Eastern markets. Our services include:

Translation of onscreen text using and/or creating translation memories and style guides that are specific for your company and website.

Localization of online interactive content, graphics, and multimedia, including any audio or video embedded in your website.

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