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Multilingual Video Subtitling and Voiceover Dubbing

Ingenuiti’s experts have been providing subtitling and voiceover services for nearly twenty years. Our expertise allows us to insert audio and visual translations accurately into any video content.

Video Subtitling
Whether it’s a speech or an employee training video, Ingenuiti’s multilingual video subtitling service translates spoken words into accurate, intelligible text. Per target audience, we localize subtitle translations with special consideration given to cultural nuances, dialects, and language characters. Subtitle scripts are condensed or edited to preserve video synchronization for the viewer’s understanding.

Voiceover Dubbing
Ingenuiti’s skilled voice actors are native-speaking professionals of all ages with the ability to convey regional differences in tone, accent, and dialect. Our voiceover recordings can be formatted for lip synchronization and voiceover narration with superior quality sound.

Our Collaborative Process
Every step of the way, Ingenuiti partners with you to ensure the translation process results in a quality product and customer satisfaction.

  1. You send us the project file or source content
  2. We translate and transcribe the source content, reviewing the script
  3. We work with you to approve the project’s script translation
  4. You select a voice talent (or voice talents) that fit your needs
  5. We record the script in our professional studio with your chosen talent
  6. Our software experts splice and/or sync the new subtitles or audio into the project
  7. At the end of a project we will review the narration with you, incorporating any final edits or customizations.

Our Expertise
The translation provider you choose should have knowledge of your industry, with a history of communicating their clients’ messages effectively in various languages and cultures. We combine our language and software expertise to put accurate visual and/or audio translations into your videos.

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