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Ingenuiti has nearly 20 years experience with multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and word processing.

Our Language Experts
Our desktop publishing experts specialize in a myriad of language styles, including: cyrillic (Greek, Russian), double-byte (Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional), and right to left (Arabic and Hebrew). Our knowledgeable teams consistently produce projects unparalleled in quality, addressing every detail right down to punctuation, accent marks, and spacing.

Our Expertise
Ingenuiti’s desktop publishing specialists have mastered all major DTP programs and participate in training for mastering new market products in order to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Our DTP program knowledge includes:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe InDesign
  3. Adobe FrameMaker
  4. QuarkXpress
  5. Acrobat Photoshop
  6. Corel Draw Suite
  7. Microsoft Office Suite and many others

Our DTP teams follow a thorough and secure process, meeting quality benchmarks along the way, to ensure your finished project is print or web distribution ready. Our project management system delivers a timely, turnkey solution to help companies communicate in the global marketplace.

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