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Instructor led training (ILT) is often necessary, but comes at a higher cost. ILT requires a room for the in-person trainer and is limited to the number of instructors that your company employs. Fortunately, Ingenuiti provides a solution for converting your ILT content to an eLearning platform.

Our Collaborative Process
Here’s the typical steps we’d take to turn your ILT into a dynamic eLearning course:

  1. We gather content from your learner guide, video, or PPT, and we insert that content into a storyboard.
  2. Our design team builds the course content in an authoring tool of your choice. We provide you visibility throughout the development process through our reviewer tool. This tool allows you to provide valuable feedback to help us perfect the course content.
  3. After reviewing the training content with you, we implement your feedback to ensure the course lines up with your vision for the training content.
  4. Ingenuiti’s substantial staff and expertise enables us to complete the eLearning development process for timely delivery.

Benefits of eLearning vs ILT:

  • Ease of access – Training can be provided 24/7 once they are hosted on your learning management system.
  • Lower Cost – Your trainers and facilitators can focus on teaching only courses and topics that need to be taught in person. This will help reduce travel, facility, and payroll costs.
  • Success tracking – Through your company’s LMS, you will be able to easily track who has taken a course and successfully passed a quiz or exam. This will help maintain internal compliance requirements, company policies and procedures.
  • Globalization – eLearning content is much easier to deploy globally. Once the content has been converted to eLearning, Ingenuiti can help your team localize the content to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of your international audience.

Ingenuiti will partner with you to convert your existing training materials into highly effective eLearning.

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