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Custom Template Development

A custom template for your e-Learning content provides your company with a uniform, consistent look and feel. We deliver expertise, customized course templates, content creation, and a standardized approach.

Our Collaborative Process
Our custom template development process begins with a client consultation to determine your needs and requirements. Next, Ingenuiti will develop a template compatible with the content creation tool you are using. Our templates are customized to incorporate existing style guides, keeping the eLearning content consistent with other company materials.

Once the template is developed, you can insert content into the template or contract us to help with content creation. Ingenuiti also provides professional services for reviewing templates and providing recommendations for improvement.

Our Expertise
At Ingenuiti we have years of experience localizing and translating course content, which includes utilizing the various eLearning course development and template tools on the market. Our clients choose us for our customized solutions, which we have improved with the changing eLearning marketplace over the past ten years.

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