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Audio Voiceover and Narration

Many of our clients have designed e-Learning training courses for employees but don’t have the in-house capabilities to record and insert audio voiceovers and narrations into those courses.

Ingenuiti has the unique ability to provide audio recordings done by native voice talents. With our state-of-the-art studios in the United States, Europe, and Asia, our voice talents are able to record training material and marketing presentations in over 70 languages.

Our Collaborative Process
Every recording process involves at least three key people. First, there is the native voice talent you have chosen from our samples. Using qualified, practiced voice talent ensures that your company will be represented with the utmost professionalism around the globe. Second, there is a sound technician who is in charge of the Digital Audio Workstation. It is up to the technician to ensure a quality recording process. The third key person is the director who coaches the voice talent on pitch, tone, and enunciation, as well as proper phrasing of the script.

Our Expertise
Due to our qualified network of talents, Ingenuiti is able to offer two tiers of audio talent excellence. Tier 1 quality is what we consider our Broadcast Quality Recordings which provide your company with unbeatable voice talent and recording quality. Tier 2 is consists of our Online Quality Recording which is excellent in quality and only surpassed by our Tier 1 recordings. Tier 2 works perfectly for all your internal training courses/e-Learning courses.

We don’t just deliver an audio file. We cut, splice, and sync our audio voiceover or narration into our your training course, providing you with a finished product engineered with quality sound and expert functionality.

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For answers to your questions or to request audio samples, please contact an Audio Voiceover Expert.

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