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Global Market Research

We provide professional crowdsourcing services in over 30 languages. Some of our services include online advertising relevance, multilingual domain, video and image classifications. Through our in-country network of bi-lingual technical experts, we offer global solutions for a wide variety of challenges and perform client-specific tasks which require combination of linguistic and local knowledge. We offer cost effective solutions built around your unique needs. Contact us to discover how we can meet your crowdsourcing needs.

Global Consumer Surveys

We provide a wide array of global consumer survey services such as Field Surveys, Research Surveys, Focus Group Studies, Mystery Shopping, and Market Studies to organizations worldwide to derive quick and cost efficient insights into their markets and consumers.
Ingenuiti uses creativity, enthusiasm, and experience to develop new and innovative approaches to help you understand your market dynamics and the behavior of your customers. From new product development to identifying the best brand image in your target market, our strategic research approach will deliver clear and objective answers to your questions, which goes beyond a stack of numbers and tables.

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