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DevLearn 2014:
eLearning Project Management and More!

Published on Jan 07, 2015
We had a great time attending the eLearning Guild's DevLearn 2014 Expo and Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The DevLearn conference highlighted many new innovations in learning technologies and strategies for utilizing these innovations.

DevLearn featured a myriad of talks and sessions by professionals in the learning industry. Three keynote speakers took the stage to share their insights: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Belinda Parmar, and Beau Lotto.

In addition to the powerful keynote speakers, a range of leading professionals hosted over 200 talks, sessions, and courses to give attendees a chance to learn all the could about the evolving learning industry.

One particular topic of interest was related to project management styles for eLearning.
eLearning Project Management 

Project management during eLearning course creation has a huge effect on the outcome of the course. Many people are involved in the creation of the course, so properly managing them with effective, timely feedback is essential.
Here are a few tips you might find valuable about streamlining the course creation process and choosing the right project manager for your eLearning course.

One idea that was discussed heavily at DevLearn was the idea of getting constant feedback during the course creation process. The basis of this was "plan, do, check, act." Essentially, you want to plan out your actions, perform them, get feedback, and then make any changes at regular intervals.

If you wait until the end of the course creation process to give feedback, you risk having to re-do large portions of the course. Collaboration with the project manager gives you the opportunity to catch errors early, and ensure the course doesn't get too far off track.
Receiving Regular Feedback

This collaboration can be achieved by establishing regular touch points during the course creation process. These touch points can be based on time or course benchmarks. For instance, you can schedule a weekly touch base with your project manager to get all of the updates for the past week. Or, you can receive updates based on benchmarks in the course creation process reached.

By receiving regular updates while the course is being created, you can ensure the project manager is alerted to any issue with the course - big or small. Regular touch points also give you a chance to correct smaller issues that might be overlooked if viewing the course all at once.
Providing Feedback 

Another interesting topic brought up at DevLearn was about properly giving feedback. It’s important that you know how to give the project manager feedback in an effective way.

If something didn’t turn out how you expected, don’t just say. “I don’t like that.” Your project manager needs something more proactive to understand exactly what you want fixed. By explicitly stating what you would like changed, you can help ensure everyone is on the same page during the course creation process.

If you’re interested in learning more about giving effective eLearning course reviews, check out our blog post - 3 Steps To Better eLearning Course Reviews
DevLearn 2015

eLearning project management was just a small piece of the wide range of topics at DevLearn 2014. We learned so much from the talks and sessions we were able to attend, and we’re excited to apply this new learning in ways that can benefit our customers.

We had a wonderful time attending DevLearn this year, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2015!

Please contact us if you have any questions about eLearning or the course creation process.

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