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Choosing a Localization Company:
Translation Memories & More!

Published on Aug 14, 2015
This is part two of a 2-part video series. To read the first part, visit our previous post here.

Recently, Ingenuiti's very own Blake Dozier was asked by the the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) to participate in a video series that helps defense companies market their offerings around the world.

In the video, Blake covers translation vs. localization, how to choose a vendor, translation memories, best practices, and more! We will be posting the video in two parts on our blog to help our readers learn more about taking their businesses global.

Read on for an overview and some key takeaways from the second part of the video, or watch the full video below.

Translation Memories

Translation Memory software is something that you have to take advantage of during your localization project.

A Translation Memory, or TM, is a database that stores segments which can be sentences, paragraphs, or sentence-like units that have been previously translated in order to aid human translators.

Translation Memory allows you to save money because when it recognizes a match with past segments, you’re only charged the reduced rate for that segment as a "review-only charge." The more content you translate, the more your TM grows and the lower your average translation cost becomes over time.

Most companies in the industry use TM, but many of them won’t pass the savings on to the customer unless the customer asks for it. Make sure your provider is using Translation Memory software and passing the savings on to you. If your localization company isn’t using TM, you’re paying them to retranslate some of the same content.

Not only will Translation Memory software save you a lot of money, it creates consistency and better quality over time. This is because translations for stored segments are saved and reused every time those segments come up again in new content. Although your localization company manages and maintains the Translation Memory files, you own them and can request them at any time.
Tips For Choosing a Localization Company

Plan ahead and make sure to send the project to the localization company with more than enough time so you can get the highest quality without incurring rush fees.

Ask them if they have a project management software that they’ll be using to manage your project. Do they have an online client portal for you to use and request quotes, monitor progress in real time, and collaborate with your project manager?

In addition to project management tools and client portals, be sure to choose a localization company that has the technology expertise to deliver your content back ready to use. Chose a localization company that provides true turnkey service in which you can send them complicated brochures, eLearning courses, videos, or web and mobile content and they can send the files back to you completely localized and ready to be used. This will save you a lot of time and headaches.

As you can see, localization can be complex with many potential causes for project delays, errors, and cost over-runs. You should create a systematized approach to localization for your business which includes some of these best practices. If you apply these practices to the localization of your company’s content, you’re guaranteed to save time and money.
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Ingenuiti is a program partner with the VEDP's VALET program, assisting companies with taking their businesses global. To see the rest of the videos in the series, visit the VEDP's site.

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