Shawn Murphy

Software Simulation

This interactive video demonstrates how software simulation can be used to enhance the elearning experience. Software simulation is a type of interactive online instruction that enables learners to explore a simulated environment. It presents users with a realistic, interactive environment that replicates the look, sound, and behavior of the real thing. Through this simulation, learners are …

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Pharmaceutical Sales

This e-learning module provides a comprehensive introduction to pharmaceutical sales. It provides an overview of the pharmaceutical industry and the roles and responsibilities of pharmaceutical sales representatives. It covers topics such as the basics of selling, building customer relationships, understanding customer needs, and navigating the legal and ethical aspects of pharmaceutical sales. Additionally, the module …

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Water Draw

This video demonstrates the water draw process, which is used to collect water samples for testing.  It provides a comprehensive overview of the process.

Product vitality

This video presents the importance of research and development (R&D) in product vitality. It begins by explaining that R&D is the cornerstone of a healthy business, as it helps to discover new products and ideas, develop existing products, and improve existing processes. The video then demonstrates how investing in R&D can lead to significant returns, …

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Prospective Overview

The Prospective Overview eLearning course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the key elements and principles of prospective overviews. This course covers topics such as understanding the purpose of a prospective overview, its importance, the different types of prospective overviews, how to develop a prospective overview, and how to use a …

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Clinical Trials

Explains the potential risks and benefits of participating in a trial, such as access to potentially life-saving treatments or medications, and the potential for financial compensation.

ERP Process Sheet

An ERP infographic is a visual representation of data and information related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It provides an easy-to-understand overview of how ERP systems can help businesses automate and streamline their operations, from core processes like accounting and inventory management to customer relationship management and human resources. It can also provide clear …

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